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Moon Meteorite Chizé Say Cheese Communauty support for university research shared a link .

A cartography of a Roche assembly plan with its 26 numbers in ascending order ... With a location a number on each texture with its 3 plans A First in the World by Hervé JP Chotard All rights reserved !!

..A video of the Oriented Meteorite New Aquitain November 05 2012 France Chizé from Moon Last Analyst universities 2018 2019 confirmed 2020 Type Oriented Lunar of November 05, 2012 6:45 p.m. with its 26 locations in numbered Textures in order to locate each numbered texture in 3 shots including a macro ... .Every week a new numbering with its video with the overall plan numbered locations, 1 close-up image with its numbered location, on this location numbered 1 explanatory video photo, on the same numbering 1 very close-up texture image, with comparisons with existing textures and a comparison of other SNC textures ... From this localization texture numbered 1 image texture in macro plan, and images from other scientific research compared to said localized macro texture numbered an explanatory comparator table of meteorites type textures SNC and oriented textures, known existing .... We thank researchers passionate about other scientific publications without these people we could not proceed to the comparison tables !! On the New Aquitaine meteorite Chizé Say Cheese from Moon type SNC Orientée from 05 November 2012 !! As promised. Full of Discoveries and Surprises !!!!! Discovery meteorite in its garden in Villiers en Bois (79). Join us on Facebook thanks to all friends for the support !! Hervé JP CHOTARD CTO s° site of scientific publications on a rare oriented meteorite Lunar with witnesses A new conception of the web internet awarded by La Région Nouvelle Aquitaine (2nd French economy) for its technological innovation all rights reserved All right reserved on this site design and its videos for the study of objects of all types ... LUNAR MARCH. METEORITES ... Result .METEORITE CHIZE from Moon !! AlbumsLUNAR MARS. METEORITES ... Result .METEORITE CHIZE from Moon !! EditIdentify 209 photos · Updated 5 days ago LUNAR MARS. METEORITES ... Result. METEORITE CHIZE from Moon !! Albums LUNAR MARCH. METEORITES ... Result. METEORITE CHIZE from Moon !! Edit Identify 209 photosUpdated 5 days ago TO SEE How Wonderfull !! Comparator Textures Rocks Meteorites Petrographies Geochemistry MARTIAN EUCRITE LUNAR METEORITES AND ORIENTED METEORITES !!! Oriented Meteorites ....... We already knew that the Chizé Say Cheese meteorites compared to the rarest Martian meteorites, by its photos, textures and petrography textures, a lot of elements indicate that there are correlations with certain rare Martian meteorites. so with the pictures of La Météorite Chizé Say Cheese is one of the rarest meteorites in the World !!! There are no Lunar meteorites that look 100% like the Lunar Meteorite Chizé say Cheese type PKLT KREEP !!! Neither any NASA OR LUNA sample BECAUSE ANY PROBE OR APPOLO HAVE NOT ARRIVED IN THIS AREA !! Since no Lunar meteorite comes from the PKLT KREEP Zone from a geochemical 12 point of view. . Except one !!! which partly resembles in geochemistry it makes 200 gr in museum of ....... but it is not in zone PKLT and it IS IN PART 60% KREEP .... No sample in the world n exists of this type in geochemistry ONLY THE GEOCHEMISTRY OF GEOCHEMISTRY MADE BY LUNA SATELLITE PROBES CERTIFY THE SOURCE OF METEORITE CHIZE SAY CHEESE We therefore know the geochemistry of the moon We have therefore compared the university analyzes made on the Moon meteorite Chizé Say Cheese Fire Ball of 05 November 2012 as requested by IMCA and the Royal Society of Geochemistry of the Lunar Meteorite Chizé Say Cheese .. 12 elemental minerals with their specific percentage and PPM rates correspond perfectly to the moon at the Copernicus Crater zone PKLT KREEP .. comparisons with Lunar geochemistry maps made by satellite probe around the moon the most mapped satellite in its geochemistry !! THE GEOCHEMISTRY MAPS DONE BY THE LUNA SATELLITE PROBES CERTIFY that We therefore know the impact of the origin of the impact (which remains confidential for the moment) on the Moon by the correlation of the two comparisons of the elemental minerals which correspond exactly to a Lunar impact crater in PKLT KREEP zone The result of the ejectate from this crater gave the Meteorite Chizé Say Cheese of November 05, 2012 6:45 pm out of 20 witnesses of its passage in the sky !!! ...... !!

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